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Services Utility: Application Management Service

Display Name (?): Application Management
Short Name (?): AppMgmt
Executable (?): services.exe
Library (?): appmgmts.dll
Depends On (?): None.
Supports (?): None.
Description (?): Provides software installation services such as Assign, Publish, and Remove.
OS (?): 2000 Professional, XP Home/Professional, Vista Home/Business, 2000 Server, Server 2003, Vista Server
Startup (?):

Explanation (?):

The application management service is used for software installations and uninstallations. Applications such as Install Shield and the Windows Micrsoft Software Installer (MSI) will use this service in order to register applications. It is best to leave this service to manual as it will only be used when called for. On a corporate network this service could be used in stopping some applications from being installed when disabled.

On systems running Windows XP Home when uninstalling an application the uninstallation process may terminate with an error in the event log saying the application management service could not be found by the service control manager. This is because the service does NOT exist in XP Home and the uninstaller cannot proceed because it was not given information it needed to remove the application. Microsoft has a temporary fix on their website.

Please visit /tools/services/ for the complete Services utility.