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Services Utility: Diskeeper Service

Display Name (?): Diskeeper
Short Name (?): Diskeeper
Executable (?): DkService.exe
Library (?): None.
Depends On (?): Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
Supports (?): None.
Description (?): Controls the Windows Diskeeper Service
OS (?): Third party or non-default
Startup (?):

Explanation (?):

The diskeeper test service is used by the commercial program called Diskeeper that is made by a company called Executive Software. The program originally was created to provide defragmentation plug-in support to Windows NT, as none came with it. Later on Microsoft licensed from Execute Software a very stripped down version of their software to embed into Windows that can be found in Windows 2000. However, if you have this service listed then it means you have the commercial version of the program installed. It is used to spawn, based on a schedule, processes of Diskeeper to defragment your hard-drives as it was configured.

Please visit /tools/services/ for the complete Services utility.