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Services Utility: Removable Storage Service

Display Name (?): Removable Storage
Short Name (?): NtmsSvc
Executable (?): svchost.exe
Library (?): ntmssvc.dll
Depends On (?): Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
Supports (?): Remote Storage Engine, Remote Storage File, Remote Storage Media, Remote Storage Server
Description (?): None.
OS (?): 2000 Professional, XP Home/Professional, Vista Home/Business, 2000 Server, Server 2003, Vista Server
Startup (?):

Explanation (?):

The removable storage service provides a portal for backup utilities to access and maintain archived data to storage media that can be removed, such as tapes. This service is not used natively for devices such as Zips, CDs, DVDs, floppies or other common storage media, however programs that come with the associated devices may use this service, depending on the vendor. Therefore it is recommended to leave this service set to manual, as it will only start if called. And if it is called then you most likely need it. Only set this to disabled if can't fight the urge.

Please visit /tools/services/ for the complete Services utility.