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Services Utility: Terminal Server Licensing Service

Display Name (?): Terminal Server Licensing
Short Name (?): TermServLicensing
Executable (?): lserver.exe
Library (?): None.
Depends On (?): Event Log, Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
Supports (?): None.
Description (?): Provides registered licenses for Terminal Services clients. If this service is stopped, the server will be unavailable to issue Terminal Server licenses to clients when they are requested.
OS (?): 2000 Server, Server 2003, Vista Server
Startup (?):

Explanation (?):

The terminal services licensing service is used to manage and monitor client access licenses (CALs) for Windows terminal servers. When connecting to a terminal server the client will search for the licensing service on the computer it is connecting to. If the server is on a domain, then the client computer will scan the active directory (AD) forest for a server that is running the service. This discovery is done through either a statically defined registry key that defines a TS license server, through a discovery broadcast that it uses to report to the clients, or by scanning all domain controllers.

There are two modes for terminal servers. The first is application mode, and the second is remote administration mode. The former is used for normal domain users to execute remote applications on, whereas the latter is used for administrators to manage the computer through Remote Desktop. The CALs only apply to a terminal server in application mode, whereas remote administration mode limits by concurrent connections.

This service is required for terminal services to operate properly, and you will need to purchase client access licenses to make proper use of this feature. If you disable this service then the terminal services will not work for the server. If you do not want to use this feature then you should remove it through add / remove components.

Please visit /tools/services/ for the complete Services utility.