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Services Utility: Windows Media Station Service Service

Display Name (?): Windows Media Station Service
Short Name (?): nsstation
Executable (?): nscm.exe
Library (?): None.
Depends On (?): Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
Supports (?): Windows Media Program Service
Description (?): Provides multicasting and distribution services for streaming Windows Media content
OS (?): 2000 Server
Startup (?):

Explanation (?):

The Windows Media Station Service is a Media Player 9 server service that provides streaming media across the Internet. If you are runnning a streaming media server then this service should be left on automatic. My guess is that this service acts as a mechanism for differentiating several active streams so that a single server can provide multiple media streams. If you know the exact nature of this service then please contact me.

Please visit /tools/services/ for the complete Services utility.